SnapperTackle LED Lure

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SnapperTackle® LED Lure

Our water activated LED Lures are the next big thing in fishing! They’re durable, versatile and long-lasting and best of all they catch fish!

It’s been proven that fish are attracted to light, and we’ve backed that up with some solid fish ourselves!

The LED Lure is incredibly versatile. You can clip on a treble hook and spin for Kahawai or Trout, add a set of assist hooks and you’ve got a micro jig, attach to a flasher rig and you’ve got a literal “flasher” rig, the possibilities are endless!

Rated for depths of up to 500m it can be used for any number of species!

The water activated LED’s flash 3 colours; red, white and green.

We’ve found that Flasher Rigs with an LED Lure clipped onto the swivel catch 2x more Gurnard than a Flasher Rig without an LED Lure!

With a battery life of 150-200 hours it’ll take the average fisher more than 3 years to run it flat!

This is the next “big thing” in fishing.

  • Water activated
  • 150-200 hour battery lifespan
  • Suitable for depths up to 500m
  • Ideal for clipping onto lures, jigs and rigs
  • Strong durable construction, stainless steel split rings
  • 3x flashing LEDs, red, green, white
  • 10g weight
  • Designed in New Zealand
  • Our testing has shown them to be particularly deadly on Gurnard