SnapperTackle 1/4oz Bucktail Jig

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SnapperTackle Bucktail Jig 1/4oz

Deadly on Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai and Albacore. The “Bucktail” is made from the highest quality natural deer hair. Stainless steel hooks.



• 100% handmade
• Holographic 3D eyes
• Durable hand painted finish
• Luminous head
• Hand-tied Deer hair bucktail skirts
• Super-sharp stainless steel hook
• Available in White, Pink, Red and Green

These lures are designed for BIG fish! The heavy gauge stainless steel hooks will handle the Snapper of a lifetime!

Fish it just like you would a Softbait (you can even attach a softbait for extra action!)!

Cast into a school of Skipjack or Albacore for some light tackle fun!

Sight cast harbour Kingfish, it’s incredibly fun and rewarding!

**Kayak fishos** When paddling out to your spot try trolling a 1oz Bucktail Jig. It will sit a few metres below the surface, perfect for a Kahawai!

Price is for 1x (one) SnapperTackle 1/4oz Bucktail Jig in a colour of your choice.