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The Protos Integral Glasses fully integrate with the helmet system, meaning with the flick of the wrist they can be flipped up or down. When in the up position they are tucked right up under the helmet keeping them well out the way. They come in four different colors to suit different applications and preferences.  Additional application for binding corrective lenses can be added by your optician, nose piece can be adjusted to suit,  All lenses are proved and tested to EN 166 and EN 170 and have anti fog systems except for the grey mirror

CLEAR LENS - Suited to low light conditions or that little bit of extra protection

Class 2C-1.2 1FTN CE Optical Class 1

Light transmittance 91%

YELLOW LENS - Suited to most NZ conditions ideal to battle that morning sun shining through the trees 

Class 2C-1.2 1FTN CE Optical Class 1

Light transmittance 85%

ORANGE LENS - Suited to high sunlight situations ideal for afternoon sun

Class 5 to 1.4 1FTN CE Optical class 1

Light transmittance 75%

GREY MIRRORED LENS - Suited to ultra high sunlight and U/V ideal on open area's like skid sites or road working

Class 5 to 3.1 1FT CE Optical class 1

light transmittance 13%